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Custom EV chatbots with range, battery size, and charging data


Key features

Electric Vehicle Battery Information provides comprehensive information on electric vehicle battery sizes, empowering users to understand the different battery technologies, capacities, and chemistries available in the market. This knowledge assists potential buyers in making well-informed decisions when choosing an electric vehicle.

Hyundai Motor

Range and Charging Speed Data offers an extensive database of electric vehicle ranges, enabling users to compare the driving distances achievable on a single charge. Additionally, the platform provides crucial insights into charging speeds, ensuring users can gauge the time required to charge their electric vehicles fully.


Fully Autonomous Platform boasts a fully autonomous system, streamlining the user experience by providing instant access to electric vehicle information and resources. Through advanced AI-driven automation, users can effortlessly find the data they need without manual intervention.


This chatbot has been trained to answer questions about electric vehicles. Ask a question to get started.

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Frequently asked questions

What is is the next generation GPT powered AI chatbot, working to help push EV adoption in the right direction. Dealerships were built to sell ICE cars, and revolutions are happening everywhere. has been helping dealerships make the transition to EVs for years, and is excited to release to educate EV shoppers and answer the most pressing questions. We built this to integrate to dealership websites and help them answer detailed questions about range, charging speeds, batteries, and other nuanced EV related questions that millions of Americans will be asking over the coming years

Which EV models do you have?

Lectrium has all of the newest EV models in our database, and if you have a model in stock that we do not yet have data on, we will add this to our database.

Will this help me book more sales appointments?

This will help educate your shoppers on their EV related questions. We have not yet added integrations to push shoppers to booked appointments, but we are moving in that direction.

How will this look on my website?

We recommend adding a new page to your site which is an "EV Information Page" that is separate from your normal sales processes. This EV chatbot will stay on this page for educational and SEO purposes.